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Hey Seraphicgate

Thanks for checking those albums. I've linked up the Yu/Yuu Togiwa album (not sure how I missed that one.) I haven't done anything with th Jubeat album yet. I think the credits need some work (separating out the composers from the vocalists and filling all the fields) before anyone links it. I will probably take a look at it soon.

For your questions.

1. Double posting is allowed here.
2. We don't usually put "feat" in any of the artists fields. It's just a comma separated list, or a parenthetical unit. I think Nagisa needs moved to the performer field for this album, but will have to check the scans.
3. You are correct. When a song is found on another album, you can pull the credits for it from another verified album on VGMdb. The only thing to watch out for is if it's a cover song, and has a different vocalist.
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