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Gyakuten Saiban Movie Original Soundtrack

Artist: 岸上穣 (horn player) = Jo Kishigami
Source 1 (Detailed info about this artist)
Source 2 (Facebook account)
Source 3 (Credited alongside Yuji Uesato)

Artist: 畠山茂 (chorus) = Shigeru Hatakeyama
Source 1 (Personal website)
Source 2 (Credited on a performance as Baritone)

Artist: 大川信之 (chorus) = Nobuyuki Okawa
Source 1 (Official website)
Source 2 (Credited as tenor alongside Shigeru Hatakeyama)

Sengoku Musou 3 Sen Rekka Ougi

Artist: 高橋希脩 (shamisen player) = Kishu Takahashi
Source 1 (Profile and at very the bottom of the page you can see the copyright symbol nex to the name of "Kishu Takahashi". Other known romanization of this artist's name is Kisyu Takahashi)

Artist: 柳川崇 (vocal/chorus) = Takashi Yanagawa
Source 1 (Credited on the album as 柳川タカシ)
Source 2 (Credited as 柳川崇 in a jazz performance alongside 斉藤拓人 who was the guitarist of the previous album)

Ginga Sengoku Gunyuuden Rai Symphonic Suite

Artist: 池永康記 (lyricist) = Kouki Ikenaga
Source 1 (Sort of personal site with a list of his works)
Source 2 (Drillspin artist profile)
Source 3 (Twitter account, he's now working with a band, former lyricist according to his info)

Saiunkoku Monogatari Original Sound Track 1

Artist:君 = 王明君 (dizi player) = Ming Jun Wang
Source 1 (Discography of this artist, important to note that Jia Peng-Fang is often credited along with him)
Source 2 (Credited in romanized form, in the booklet the correct kanji form is written)

Chibi Maruko-chan ~Gokigen-Maruko no Oti Nikki~

Artist:優美子 = 磯優美子 (viola/violin player) = Yumiko Isobe
Source 1 (Pdf with a reading of her name in hiragana いそべ●ゆみこ)
Source 2 (Credited on this album with a myriad of other known string players)

Artist: 山本裕介 = 山本祐介 (cello player) = Yunosuke Yamamoto
Source 1 (Official website with correct kanji form)
Source 2 (Credited alongside Mayumi Tachibana and other string players)

Artist: 堀内敦子 (harp player) = Atsuko Horiuchi
Source 1 (I have found this page with someone named Atsuko Horiuchi credited for harp playing)
Source 2 (LP whose main performer is 堀内敦子&ドリーミン・ハープ・オーケストラ = Atsuko Horiuchi & Dreaming Harp Orchestra)

Artist: 菊地みづえ = 菊地 瑞枝 (percussionist) = Mizue Kikuchi
Source 1 (Drillspin profile)
Source 2 (Her profile from a defunct site)
Source 3 (Updated profile with hiragana reading)

Artist: 中村敬子 (violin player) = Keiko Nakamura
Source 1 (MPN providing the katakana reading of her name)
Source 2 (On this album is credited alongside Masatsugu Shinozaki, Kiyo Kido and other artists also credited on the Chibi album)

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