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Default Mega Man X3's music...

Is it just me, or is the music production quality in this game absolutely horrific? Like, the compositions themselves are very well done(aside from a couple). When done differently these are truly epic tunes, many arrangements have proven that(it's Kinuyo Yamashita after all), but the way it's done in this game sounds like a complete mess. Samples are detuned all over the place, the instrumentation volume is all mismatched, the sample usage is random, the snare drum is used at an extremely low note causing it to lose that punch it's supposed to have(it's more of a thud), and there is no vibrato or note slide either, making the whole soundtrack seem very bland. It quite literally sounds like some noob got a hold of some Mega Man X2 samples and put them in to FL Studio and made some downloadable album of new original and "authentic" sounding Mega Man X2 style compositions while thinking just using the samples alone makes it sound authentic. Does anyone else agree?
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