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Oh yeah, i'd love to hear something like that. I might try some of that too and how i think they might be done. And i agree, far too many times when there is the power chord guitar being used at a high octave. It makes it sound like some sort of buzzsaw or insect. That whole soundtrack...well listening to x2 and x1 afterwards feels like a complete refreshment after that one, some songs are great in x3, but its production quality is awful. It sounds as though Yamashita was used to using NES hardware and they just handed her some quick samples and told her to make something with them that sort of sounded like mega man x music. I do agree it would have sounded much better had they had some kind of music director there to assist her and coach her how to use them properly. It just comes off as music posted on YouTube announced as original X style compositions, like the kind of stuff Renegade puts up.

EDIT: Holy crap...I just listened in to the music of blast hornet with the harmonizing stuff. My god!!! This is awful!

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