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In response to Yamashita's comment on whether or not it's good music. I think a lot of it has good compositions. Like about a good portion the compositions are really nice and have great potential, i just feel that they are executed poorly with very poor sound design and production quality. But i really don't put the blame on Yamashita for this. It just seems like they gave her the job and told her to just make something without any proper guidance on how to pull it off and she pretty much just took a leap of faith because that's all she could do. Being she wasn't employed by capcom nor was the music made at their studios. But a lot of the music would be great with better production quality, a lot of the music has this cool 90's sound about it, but no note slides or vibrato were ever used, and some instruments just seemed odd and random, like the random usage of the brass every now and then, and also this unsatisfying limit in samples being used, like that lead guitar sample is nice and all, but it's used so much it gets boring and dull after a while. I also find it's far too much the dominate sample, if that makes any sense, like it's louder than it needs to be. Also the fact it lacks vibrato and note slide makes it lose its charm as well. Not to mention it's used in a way that would work better as brass. And that high octave power chord as you said, sounds awful, it gives off the feeling of a buzz saw or some angry violent insect. Then there's that snare drum used at too low a note. It kind of loses its smack needed to keep the beat going that way. Again I am totally not putting all the blame on yamashita here, it just feels like she was misguided and also incredibly used to the NES hardware and not transitioning very well to the SNES one. I blame whoever had her do this and whoever thought it was okay to include the music as is without any proper direction.
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