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Default Sega CD audio quality vs PC Engine CD audio quality

I have recently gone on something of a redbook audio binge on soundtracks for these two systems recently and I have noticed one thing: Every Sega CD redbook soundtrack I've come across has a really wide, open, well defined soundstage, while every PC Engine CD soundtrack...doesn't.

The soundtracks for Keio Flying Squadron, Android Assault and Lords of Thunder on the Sega CD are all crystal clear and sound amazing. I am far more familiar with the PC Engine soundtracks and they sound compressed and undefined in comparison. I've never been entirely happy with the audio on stuff like Ys III, because everything sounds compressed and the layers are right on top of each other. Head to head, there is no comparison between both versions of Lords of Thunder, the Sega CD game wins by a mile.

Has anyone else noticed the audio quality difference on these kinds of CD's?
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