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This odd catalog numbering system that Crash mentions seems to be the standard for Apollon's 2-disc releases (APCG-900X). Basically they use a main cat. number for the entire album and then sub-numbers for each disc. For example, APCG-9001 has sub-numbers APCG-9001R for disc 1 and APCG-9002R for disc 2. And APCG-9004 uses APCG-9005R for disc 1 and APCG-9006R for disc 2.

Since these three seem to be the only releases with an APCG-900X cat. number that we are aware of (not counting the Soul Calibur soundtrack which was released years later by Bandai), we end up with the following list:

APCG-9001 (9001R, 9002R)
APCG-9002 (9003R, 9004R)
APCG-9004 (9005R, 9006R)

This also pretty much proves there was never a 'APCG-9003' released, perhaps it was an intended release that got canceled or something?
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