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Default Some metrics

I thought that I should share some metrics with everyone so that it's clear how many people are using the site and so that it doesn't always look like it's all bad news. In particular, usage has increased tremendously in the past week.

Yesterday, there were 323 pageviews, up from 40/day two weeks ago. The number of pageviews has held steady over the past few days, which may (cautiously) indicate that something has caused the site to turn the corner. I've listened to a lot of great songs in the past few days. The number of posted reviews has also gone up, as you can see in the "Latest Reviews" page. Also, you may have noticed that the number of views and downloads for songs appears to have decreased lately, but that's because I recently added code to exclude Google's robots from influencing these counts. Google's bots slam the site with a disproportionate number of requests every day.

Of course, I'm still working hard on the experience system and am attempting to contact FoxxDragon for the redesign and rebranding. I think, though, that the users who are posting lots new songs to the site have contributed significantly towards developing the community, and they should be thanked for their additions. The addition of quality music is what encourages people to visit most of all, and talented artists are the ones we can thank for that.
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