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I have a Paypal story to vent, though I realize that it was my fault.

I got scammed by a website (doesn't exist anymore) that sold Playstation Network cards and other similar stuff. The cards provide a code that adds funds to your PSN account. So after buying a card they (the seller) suppose to send an email with a code. It is meant to be a quick digital transection, no waiting for mail parcels. And there are legitimate sites out there that do it, but this one turned out to be a fraud.

So in attempt to get the money back, after opening a dispute and escalating it to a claim, Paypal resolved the case in favor a scammer/fake site owner who ripped me off.
And the reason being for that is their policy for non-tangible goods: if it isn't a physical item that can be send via mail and has a tracking number, than oh well too bad so sad, there's no way to prove anything. Which makes sense actually. And of course scammers know it very well.

Basically moral of the story is - if you get scammed, blame it on your lack of knowledge.

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