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Default Brütal Legend Vinyl Soundtrack: Ormagöden Edition coming in 2021

Yeah, Brütal Legend is getting another vinyl. Remastered soundtrack, release date — for the time being is a vague Mid-February, 2021.

For the Ormagöden Edition, Peter McConnell's original soundtrack has been newly remastered for vinyl and wrapped up in brand-new art from Lee Petty. Each record in this limited edition of 666 comes with a fold-out poster signed by Lee Petty and Tim Schafer.
Price: $29.00 USD

Side A

1. The Chosen Roadie
2. 11 O'Clock is A Direction
3. Raptor's Veld
4. Lamprey Attack
5. Spirit of Bladehenge
6. Ruins
7. Time To Break The Chains
8. The Big Kiss
9. Blades of Serenity
10. The Spider's Lair

Side B

11. Thunderhorn
12. Betrayed
13. Sea of Black Tears
14. A Creature Shall Rise
15. Pile of Skulls
16. Gather This Great Army
17. Rescue From The Sea of Tears
18. The Pleasure Tower
19. The End?
20. Girlfriend (Kabbage Boy)

Source (with some pics):
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