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Originally Posted by foolydooly View Post
I been reading for a while that there has been US import of this from Geneon, missing the bonus disc (tbh, I personally thinks lack of 7th disc makes that set incomplete). Anyone knows exact story behind this edition that's not in the VGMDB yet?

While Sonmay (1999) and Everanime (2000) bootlegs have 7 discs, according to the K-O Records bootleg (2005) has only 6 discs.

It appears Geneon Anime Music started to release US Domestic EVA OST in 2004, but so far I found no evidence that there was ever a Domestic version or an US import of this album from Geneon. Perhaps someone at mistook the 2005's K-O Records bootleg as an US import?

Also, as Dancey has stated, it does not seem to be limited to 10000 copies. The only source I found was and it redirects to this VGMdb page (which is kind of a circular reasoning).
I don't know if someone mistook the 10000 Yen price as an indicator of the total copies. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a typo since the numbering of each copy has a total of six digits (000000) not five (00000).

Perhaps someone else could enlighten us on this matter.
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