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About the lyricist for the track 5, Anison Generation indicates 比留間徹/Tohru Hiruma.
But Japanese Wikipedia and JASRAC give ひりき徹/Tōru Hiriki:

If we see the list of Tohru Hiruma's works on Anison, and Tōru Hiriki's referenced works in JASRAC database, we find the same songs from the album "SETA GAME MUSIC SPECIAL SCENE -SUPER REAL MAHJONG-".
This album is also in VGMdb:

So 比留間徹/ひりき徹 is well the same person, and To(h)ru Hiriki is an alias for Tohru Hiruma.

But I'm not sure if I have to leave the Japanese name or if I romanize it on the album page?
Also we should perhaps put this alias for the album "SETA GAME MUSIC SPECIAL SCENE" if JASRAC mentions this name for it.
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