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Myself, I think Squeak Squad is abundantly or even solely Jun Ishikawa, and because it wasn't developed by HAL Labs they were lazy and credited all of the HAL sound staff. That's my theory... lol. I don't have much to say about Amazing Mirror. I thought maybe NiDL could be Tadashi Ikegami doing the covers because he is also credited on Canvas Curse where those songs are reused, and I can't see anyone other than Ishikawa doing the main score for Canvas Curse either.

Air Ride is the more interesting one ~ mostly Ando and Sakai I reckon, fairly even split between them much like Melee (some songs sound very similar to Melee in fact, and can be deciphered from cross-referencing.) Most of Ishikawa's tunes there are reprised from Super Star ~ "Grass" being one notable exception.

I could post my thoughts in full later if anyone's interested (don't have time right at this moment!) This subject is very relevant to interests though.
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