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Default Another release

I issued about five more bugfixes over the weekend. You can look them up for yourself at the Mantis bugtracking system. One of the most recent bugs fixed dealt with toplist modification:

Apparently, there were problems with modifying toplists which nobody had been reported, but which are now corrected. If you have a minute, try creating a toplist for yourself. Not only will doing so help eliminate bugs, but it will also add some great information to the site. Also, someone really needs to promote some songs - why wouldn't you, with the minimum bid being 0.01 experience points?

Please continue to report bugs. As far as I know, the next priorities are:

1. Get the song images changed to the new site name
2. Work around that Flash bug that prevents uploading on some Macs
3. Investigate why the "Latest songs" list in the upper-right corner of the front page sometimes seems to show songs that aren't the latest.
4. Reduce the number of grids on the influences selection screen from three to two, and add an option to "search all fields."

#2 is more of an enhancement, so it will be pushed back if any bugs come up. Remember, we can't fix 'em if we don't know about 'em.
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