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If you have any better of Hajime Wakai or Shinobu Tanaka that I don't have, I'm very interested
Unfortunately, I don't. The only other photo of Wakai I've seen is the one in the F-Zero Guitar Arranged scans, but the one you're using on your site is better anyway (and probably more recent). There might be another one on the F-Zero X OST but I currently don't have scans for that.

What you have is pretty awesome thus far. I hadn't seen Asuka Ota anywhere other than squareenixmusic. Not like I'd been looking though :P

guess I didn't look at "Booklet 3&4" hard enough. I can't read Japanese but I assume the two guys pictured there are Bando & Wakai?
Yep-yep, Bando is the one above with Wakai below. If you don't know Japanese (and I don't) you can just look at their respective profiles on this site and compare their names to what's printed on the scans.

Tanaka hasn't written any music since the Game Boy era as far as I know
Indeed. I think the GameBoy Camera soundtrack (from 1998) was the last thing he did actually.
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