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Default How To - Get iTunes Album Art

To grab iTunes album art directly from the web site.

1. Go to the album page on
2. Right click open image in new tab
2. Right click on the album art and copy image url.
3. Paste url in browser address bar.
4. Edit end portion of address to change from ###x### (normally 100, 150 or 175) to 600x600, if 600x600 is not available try 700x700 then press enter.

Originally Posted by nextday View Post
1200x1200 works for most albums.
Edit: It should be noted that sometimes the 1200x1200 version is simply upscaled.
If done correctly the page will load with a 600x600 image of the album art.
Save the art, and attach to your files or upload here.

You can also use to find old pages of removed music to grab the art from iTunes.

Album Art Downloader XUI
Has a script for iTunes art.

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