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Default CFCL-4: DEAD LEAVES Original Soundtrack!!

I have 2 questions here:


I regarding the covers. I don't knwo if they should be tagge as -NSFW- because, only someone who saw this anime will get the joke of both front and "behind"


The tracklist is shown in the back cover as:

Prison 001 すっぱだかでナニしてた
Prison 002 メシの時間 クソの時間
Prison 003 お前はクソを出しすぎだ
Prison 004 クソ用の穴がある
Prison 005 すんげえSEXだったよ
Prison 006 SPLASH!!
Prison 007 RRRRRRR!!
Prison 008 BOOOOOM!!
Prison 009 とりあえず皆殺しだ
Prison 010 中出し いいなあ
Prison 011 マム細胞 マム細胞
Prison 012 パンツ丸見えだぜ
Prison 013 生きてたのかよ このヤブ医者
Prison 014 チンコのデカさとカタさ
Prison 015 腹も痛くてヤバイ
Prison 016 オララララララ!!
Prison 017 さようなら お姉さま
Prison 018 みんな死んじゃうパターン
Prison 019 はァ?
Prison 020 The Moon(DEAD LEAVES mix)
Prison 021 Division by Zero error editional ver(TORIBUTE IMAGE TRACKS)
Prison 022 Meme crack editional ver(TORIBUTE IMAGE TRACKS)

I added without "Prison 001" (and so on), but I was not really sure about this.
I mean, in my opinion we should put what is exactly shown in the covers about the naming tracks like in here and here.

Also to make sure about something:

some places credit this cd as music by Yoshihiro Ike, Fusanobu Fujiyama. Wrong!! Fusanobu Fujiyama is the Sound Director in The Anime.

The credits about:
All instruments programed and played by Yoshihiro Ike
All Guitars by Masanobu Fukuhara

were noted by me from a who had this cd originally. It was not possible to have scans of the booklet at the time.

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