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I don't know why iTunes would ever bother translating anything (they are only trying to sell to JP people; neither of the albums I posted above are available on US iTunes)

If you check JP-only albums by other providers on iTunes they don't have any English data attached even if you force l=en i.e.
Epic -
King -
Aniplex -
Victor -

But all Lantis releases have English data regardless of whether they are available on US iTunes or not. Some examples from Oct 25 releases
(none of these albums are available on US iTunes)

Seems pretty clear this is a Lantis-specific thing and not an iTunes thing.

And the titles do match JASRAC (only talking about Lantis here; not some other label)

For example
iTunes provides "The World In My Fantasy" as an English title for track 2 (地球儀にない国). "WORLD IN MY FANTASY THE" is provided as an alternate title on JASRAC. And you can check any of the other songs on this release, all have matching a alternate title on JASRAC.

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