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I like the current color scheme, and changing the anime-green to turquoise looks a bit out of place. The only think I wonder is, as the site expands and more categories are added some pages might end up looking like a rainbow or something. And I think new anime users are going to think anime albums are treated differently/shunned, since they don't use the standard link/blue color.

Maybe some kind of notification or such next to the albums so their classification is still recognizable, but they use a more standard link color.

For example (quick hack, please pretend there are cool icons or something):

a.album-game:before { content: "Game "; color: MediumTurquoise !important; }
a.album-anime:before { content: "Anime "; color: yellowgreen !important; }
a.album-doujin:before { content: "Doujin "; color: orange !important; }
a.album-works:before { content: "Works "; color: #00BFFF !important; }
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