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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
I wonder is, as the site expands and more categories are added some pages might end up looking like a rainbow or something.
Maybe some kind of notification or such next to the albums so their classification is still recognizable, but they use a more standard link color.

For example (quick hack, please pretend there are cool icons or something):

a.album-game:before { content: "Game "; color: MediumTurquoise !important; }
a.album-anime:before { content: "Anime "; color: yellowgreen !important; }
a.album-doujin:before { content: "Doujin "; color: orange !important; }
a.album-works:before { content: "Works "; color: #00BFFF !important; }
^ This. It's quite similar what I proposed on the Submissions- Release Type thread (I guess that wasn't the right place to post it).
with that, you manage to keep the listings aesthetically coherent, while having the possibility to show overlapping categories, something that with the current color coding you're forced to show just one. It could be possible to even show track percentage of each category as a tooltip above each category icon of a certain album when the Track table is implemented.

The color coding could be simplified then to just a couple of characteristics which are the same for any kind of album, be it anime or game-related (those would be normal release, upcoming, delayed, cancelled, bootleg, enclosure/promo).
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