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Sorry, I have no idea where it might be from. With sample libraries (at least for me) it's much like buying an album you've never even heard of, or know who worked on it; you never know what you're gonna find. You can only hope to recognize something you've heard in a track somewhere. Although of course, with some libraries it will be obvious if there are any vocals, maybe even what kind of vocals, but that's about it.

If I ever do come across that sample I will of course mention it here though. But I certainly don't have any "vast knowledge"; I've only been collecting samples for a few months now, and I skim through them.. when I have time. I'd like to think peronmls and Kosmos have much better knowledge than me regarding samples. They especially seem to have good insight on what libraries may be worth checking out (the SHH thread is proof of that).

EDIT: on another note, I found some vocal samples from Tricky Sliders in the demo for Bitmaster's "Rapsody Vocals II" And I think there's another one somewhere in there I can't quite place. I also found out on Sonic Retro's forums that there's some sample(s) from it used in Ollie King and Einhänder as well. This thread might be of interest for some as well:

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