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Originally Posted by Kharaxel View Post
Chikayo Fukuda's compositions for .Hack and Naruto games, seem to use the Prosamples Vol. 16 - Guitar and Bass library. Or any other rerelease of these samples.

I'm not 100% sure yet, but soon I'll be able to confirm. But it actually seems to be it.

In general, at least her .HACK G.U. and Link compositions seem to use a bit of the various Prosamples libraries.
Id look in the original CDs because they dont put all of the sample in the pro sample releases.
Also found more:
SOng Fire Temple
Sample CD: Ethnic Vol 1
Sample Name: Track 17
Those contain the Fire Temple percussion.

and Track 34
song: City in the Sky (TP)
Its the weird vocals you hear.
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