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Default Anime Games Albums submission RULES.

VGMdb is a 'Video Game Music' database, but we can also contribute in 'Anime Game' related soundtrack example : Xanadu ~The Legend of Dragon Slayer~ Original Motion Picture Sound Track [K32X-7107]

[K32X-7107] is the soundtrack of the anime 'Xanadu Dragon Slayer Densetsu', this anime is based on the game made by the 'Nihon Falcom Corporation'.

But what about others Animes-Games, for example 'Street Fighter II' : There is an Animated Movie called ストリートファイターII (Street Fighter II), the soundtrack of the animated movie was released : [SRCL-2937] [SRCL-3047] [ESDB-3495], This anime is based on the game by 'Capcom'.

And what about 'Hokuto No Ken' , 'Dragon Ball Z' etc... albums, there are many games based on these animes and offcourse, soundtracks were released example for Hokuto No Ken [DMCA-30378], example for Dragon Ball Z [COCC-13661]. These games are based on popular animes. But what about animes soundtracks for example : [COCC-13257] Dragon Ball Z Hit Collection 18 ½ etc...

We can submit games albums info, i think we can submit Animes albums wich are games related (Xanadu Movie), we can submit games albums wich is anime related, i don't know if we can submit Animes albums.

I am sorry for my poor english perhaps it is a bit unclear but i really want to know what exactly are the rules for this matter.

Thanks for reading this
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