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I would stress people to NOT add track times from any source other than the original cd itself and rounding up for a frame >=.500 and rounding down for anything <.500. Digital files rely on a NUMBER of things for track times including lead-in, lead-out, gapless, silence and even ripping it correctly. Adding track times from your digital files CAN and WILL break currently queryable CDs using the freedb +/- 3 second grace limit. I can't tell you how many of the CDs I own I've had to correct to query properly because they've been so completely wrong from the actual cd source.

Do not add track times unless you own the cd.
Do not mass update a track list if one already exists (you'll accidentally update other titles if you're not careful)
Do not made update track times if ones already exist and there are values in the freedb query side panel (denotes current successful queries)

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