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Default My VGM metal covers

Hi there,

I'm Bahajinbo from Germany.
I play guitar, bass and keyboard for several years now and I am obviosuly a big VGM fan. Also, I am a big death metal fan so I decided to record metal covers of video game music I like and publish it on YouTube. I recorded, mixed & mastered 5 songs by now, everything is recorded and programmed by myself.

Here you can check my metal covers:

By now I published:
- F-Zero - Big Blue
- Super Castlevania IV - Simon's Theme
- Final Fantasy IX - Feel my Blade
- Final Fantasy IV - Red Wings
- Castlevania - Vampire Killer

I am planning to record way more covers in the near future.
Hopefully you like my covers and I am also very happy to get some new views, likes and subscribes.

Regards, Bahajinbo
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