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Originally Posted by Carl View Post
(...When I listen back to this, I've practically lost interest before we even GET to ketsui, so if I were a listener I'd have dropped out before even getting to the meaty substance which is supposed to be the main draw... And I wonder if that's the case for many other folks or not...)
Carl, to answer your question, I didn't get a sense like that at all. I agree with what most people have said, that a little ice-breaking at the beginning is good. You guys have been able to segue your opening small talk into the episode news, which works really well in my opinion and makes sense to be at the beginning of the show. Two hours IS a bit long, but all the information has been relevant, to me at least, since I'm deep fan, so I haven't gotten any sense of "get on with it" or anything. But you guys have to modify the pace to your own liking since you are the ones doing it each time.

That being said, I thought this was definitely the most polished episode yet. Like I said before, the transitions were nice and well-stated, the BGM during the soundtrack review was perfect (and exactly what I had in mind to do as well), and the content was informative. In particular, I liked how you both clearly stated what samples you were going to play BEFORE they came on. It was a bit puzzling in the first two episodes when the talking would stop and it would suddenly cut to music. So well done to everyone there.

As for Ketsui, sounds like a juggernaut that I may have to track down. Really stellar set of arrangers that they got together for that album (WASi303 is the man). And I enjoyed both of the MintJam instrumentals, but the vocal didn't do much for me, as it came off pretty stock j-rock. I didn't have any problem with Terra's voice though. He in fact sounds like about 90% of male vocalists in Japan.

Anyway, keep up the the good work guys.

- Justin Pfeiffer
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