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Default The New Album Submission System

VGMdb wishes all its users a happy new year!

After months of work, it's finally time to unveil the new album submission page. Most of the changes are behind-the-scenes so you won't notice anything too different about the interface, but it suffices to say that the programmers will have a much easier time creating and manipulating album objects. This paves the way for new, powerful features down the road.

A few important things to note: Release type has been separated into two new fields: Publisher type (commercial, doujin/indie, bootleg) and Distribution type. Release status replaces the Cancelled release checkbox, and Category allows users to specify product associations beyond gaming franchises. In preparation for the extension of scope, users will eventually be able to filter album listings using a combination of these fields. More details will be available soon.

Additional media fields are available for editing as well -- disc ID (for freedb matching), copy control, and individual classification. Note that media editing will eventually be moved over to the tracklist submission system.

The URLs have also changed to a friendlier format: (to edit album #1234) (to submit a new album)

Feel free to submit information as per usual; the system monitors submissions for errors and automatically notifies administrators with debug information. Ain't that cool?
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