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Thanks, looks pretty nice. Some comments:

- In the release date status, what's the correct use of "delayed" and "recalled"? It's temporary info or should we add an entry for an album "delayed" then another entry for the normal cd or something?

- What's the use of "remasted" in the cd classification?

- In the "format" combo I think "digital" should go after CD, as most likely it's going to be the 2nd most common format.

- I think the "platform" list really needs to be trimmed or at least reordered, it's too cluttered right now and it takes a while to find "normal" consoles. Apple Pippin? Gizmondo? Playdia? Most of the consoles there are so unlikely to be used that I'd just go with Other + notes field. Some are just hardware revisions (Sega Nomad, NeoGeo CDZ).
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