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Originally Posted by seanne View Post
Release type would just specify; professional, non-professional or bootleg. So the kind of album you mention would first be put into either category and then classified accordingly (with 'arrangement' and 'original work', in this case). We have several albums like this in the db, both by professional and non-professional artists.

The case SS suggests (though if it's not a very likely one) is more complicated since it involves several release types. I think normally it's almost impossible for there to be a conflict between the three we have. It's either going to be one or the other.
Question, is professional related to if the actual album is sold or not or if the composer is professional (i.e. paid), if the game is commercial or if the publisher is "professional"? I dunno, I still have some question marks in general here.

Are we abandoning "Publish Format"? I most certainly hope so. It annoys me to no and that it's the field (afaik) dictating the release type, color coding and so on. In my example people are now sorting away the official soundtrack to Kaleidoscope ( ) because it's labeled as Doujin/Indie, thinking it's a fan-arrange album. Not saying I've made the best album or anything but I think it's odd. Also not saying Doujin MEANS fan-arrange (it doesn't) but that doesn't change the issue.

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