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Regarding the color coding for albums in the page listings, if I understand correctly the problems comes from the fact it is also used as a way to distinguish content on a given album, right?
I think it would be a good idea to simplify the color coding to maybe album status (upcoming, released, delayed/canceled, bootleg, these are universal traits of an album no matter what the content is) and instead use icons next to the album titles denoting what it contains, p.e.
- RND-001 Random Album [GAME] [TV] | [DJN] [ORIGINAL] [FAN ARRANGEMENT] (that would contain original works as well as fan arrangements of both games and animes).
That way, instead of forcing all the categorization info into a single color coding which leaves with incomplete information when browsing albums, all the info would be recognizable at a single glance.

Don't know if it's a really good idea, but it can't hurt to give my two cents.
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