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Originally Posted by Ira View Post
I don't know anything about Myst personally, but I'll just say the way a game is published doesn't determine the way the soundtrack will be.
The way the music is made (garage or not) is irrelevant if it's an official soundtrack or not (i.e. music featured in the game).

ALSO, "Classification" should only be the content (i.e. arranged music, soundtrack, non-vgm and so on). You're all still talking about "Publish format" aren't you? I'm still in favor of giving publish format a less important role, I really don't understand why it should dictate color (the only thing used to identify albums on the fly)... To me it's way more natural to be looking for albums by content than "Publish format".

Beyond this the actual publisher should already have the relevant "publish format" (i.e. a doujin group is a doujin group and so on) so you can find that info there. Am I wrong?
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