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Some other basics a beginner should know is that when dealing with online stores and individual sellers that you're not familiar with, it's always a good idea to look for the proper catalog number and/or publisher name and then compare it to the info here on VGMdb. Most legitimate sellers post this information.

Another tip for when dealing with individual sellers like on eBay is to check this database to see if there are scans available of the soundtrack you're interested in purchasing, look for where the publisher title/image is supposed to be and then ask for a unique picture of the of the soundtrack from the seller so that you can compare the images and see if everything adds up. The reason I say "unique picture" is because some persons might use pictures that are widely available on the net, or from here, to represent authentic soundtracks when in fact they're selling bootlegs.

in case you don't know, most times the publisher logo/title is shown somewhere on the album case or obi strip like so (see bottom-right corner) while bootleggers usually replace or remove the publisher logo/title like so.

Btw, I have complained to eBay about seller: animengamemusic (A.K.A. games-n-anime music) but they haven't removed them yet. Does eBay not have a policy against the sale of bootlegs or are they just slow to action?
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