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Originally Posted by Ira View Post
The system we have in place for re/alternate-prints is for these kind of albums, I don't see why we need another way of doing the same thing.
I think that's because the system can't catch up every release that is especially on the borderline (digital releases, for instance).

With the policy Blah mentions, when an enclosed album is released in multiple regions while the packaging remains the same, we have to single out the only one release date. While I agree we should prioritize the release date of the original region release over that of a localized version, I think it's also convenient if we can add multiple dates. For instance, I want to have more ways to tell that Deathsmiles Premium Arrange Album is enclosed with the US port of the game than just mentioning to it in the discussion thread/note field. Preferably, it's listed by our release calendar so that more site visitors are aware of it.
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