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I was fixing some Konami albums and thought it was time for a healthy bump, I really miss a feature like this.
There are many albums with links to just Sound Teams, yet we know the artists who worked on them. But their pages can't/don't reflect it, losing lots of credits.
But we don't want to just relink to the artists and lose Sound Teams links, IMO.

To recap, I really want to link BOTH credited sound teams (Konami Kukeiha, Falcom JDK) *and* the artists that worked on each album; to complete discographies.

Example with Samurai Spirits:

- This is my desired end result:

- This is what we have right now in the album page (plus composer info in the notes section).

We can link all the composers normally, but that's not good enough, confusing.

- Probably the easiest way to implement it (trying to save time to you guys, but the cleaner the better), though clunky, is to add a suffix matching the link we want to 'group'.

> But right before generating the album page, if a link matching the suffixes exists the artists get grouped inside.

- This, however, I don't want at all.

It's redundant and doesn't 'feel' right.
To me it should read "Composed by SGZ (Tate Norio and PAPAYA from said team)".
NOT "Composed by Tate Norio (who happens to be from SGZ), PAPAYA (same)".
(basic suffix usage should be reserved for companies, see below).

- Also I'd use this *ONLY* for credited sound teams.
By this I mean, for example, some OSTs scans credit "Hitoshi Sakimoto (Basiscape)". This just means Sakimoto comes from Basiscape the company, not a sound team like SGZ. We don't want "Composed by Basiscape (Hitoshi Sakimoto)" IMO, but the other way around is ok.

KKC, Alph Lyra, SGZ, jdk, Gamadelic... those guys are well known sound teams and are credited as composers in their albums, so we should preserve such credits. And since the liner notes and staff rolls also give insight on the actual artists, we could preserve those too.
[However! I'd warn people of using staff rolls with care, since often they just give generic 'sound' credits without separating the composers. I've seen wrong credits due to this. I'd personally always check the liner notes for proper credits]

Thoughts...? I think this would be a huge step for the site's completeness.
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