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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
- This is my desired end result:
Yes, please.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
- Also I'd use this *ONLY* for credited sound teams.
By this I mean, for example, some OSTs scans credit "Hitoshi Sakimoto (Basiscape)". This just means Sakimoto comes from Basiscape the company, not a sound team like SGZ. We don't want "Composed by Basiscape (Hitoshi Sakimoto)" IMO, but the other way around is ok.

KKC, Alph Lyra, SGZ, jdk, Gamadelic... those guys are well known sound teams and are credited as composers in their albums, so we should preserve such credits. And since the liner notes and staff rolls also give insight on the actual artists, we could preserve those too.
[However! I'd warn people of using staff rolls with care, since often they just give generic 'sound' credits without separating the composers. I've seen wrong credits due to this. I'd personally always check the liner notes for proper credits]
In the case of the Basiscape example, I think only the composer's name should be enough, as the notes section can easily take care of the rest (i.e. keeping the Hitoshi Sakimoto (Basiscape) credit within the notes).

And agreed, in-game credits should be used with proper care/judgment; it never hurts to do some cross reference. Quality over quantity, I say.
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