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You probably hit the most complex example in the DB
Seeing your posts here, since Neptune is a company and not an unit it shouldn't be credited directly (there was a similar case for Minakuchi Staff recently). N.T members are fixed, so it's not so important they show in the page, imo.
Personally the simplest would be credit only N.T. in the album page, and in N.T's artist page link SOU1 with a "Neptune" suffix.

For the second, I have mixed feelings (more discussion here).
But I'd start with simpler albums and leave complex cases for later discussion, adding the known credits in the notes for now.

Btw Cedille, based on Gigablah's example I think we are supposed to credit composers with brackets, as shown in the album page.
ex "Falcom Sound Team jdk (Hayato Sonoda, Takahiro Unisuga, Saki Momiyama, Masanori Osaki)", even though currently the "propagator" in the artist page thinks it's wrong (you have to do it manually).
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