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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
Jun 12, 2011
[list][*]Added a few more artist roles: SFX Artist, Programmer, Mastering Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer. Note that these roles may be reorganized into sub-roles in the future. Currently they only show in discographies and artist credit management.
An interesting move. Wouldn't we also need synthesizer operators (or synthesize manipulators)? I think they would induce some discussion and inconsistency, but now we have programmers. Also, if I understand it correctly (which isn't often the case ), we're able to select those roles on the linking screen, but currently lacks a field to credit them on albums? Asides of the cases where sound effects are somehow featured in a piece of music, or the actual role of someone who is credited as programmer is rather closer to that of an arranger, do we select them yet?

Nevermind about the latter point. I got it!

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