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Originally Posted by Jormungand View Post
A lot of tracks are standouts. The whole album is, VGM or otherwise. It's a curious and cute little score, utterly whimsical, and Kanno's penchant for genre eccentricity is on full display.

My favorites are Snow Princess, Snowballs, Egg, Fun With Numbers, Green Wings, Little Black Book from Vol.1. From Vol.2 I like Summer Squid, Playing Tamaire, Slow Water, Rabbit Bed, Dreams in a Pie, and Sleepy Snake. I also must confess a special affinity for October Child... it's the 22nd track on the album, and my birthday is Oct. 22.

Have you heard much of Kanno's anime? Wild Wind actually sounds like a cross between a track from Brain Powerd and one from Turn A Gundam.
Indeed I have. Big fan of those albums as well. I like most of her work, but I could do without the Jazz. Agree with both of you on Rabbit Bed and Dreams in a Pie for sure on Vol II.

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