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Originally Posted by Namorbia View Post
How many listens do you give to a track before rating it and deleting it? Maybe you will start liking and appreciating the bad tracks after a few more listens?
I know you didn't ask me, but I just want to say: I find this part extremely important. I listen to everything a minimum of 3 times. I really believe that you can't understand a lot of music until you've heard it many times. With game music, I find this particularly true somehow. I often like to track down looping files, like those from the game, and listen to songs on repeat until I can sing them back fully. EDIT: The one thing I've made an exception to is Soukaigi, which I could barely suffer through a single time. And I made it through 3 plays of Tobal No.1 Remixes, so... there are times when you know "no matter how many times I listen to this, I won't like it", and those times should come around pretty rarely.

3 times through for a song/soundtrack is probably not enough sometimes, but I do only have so much time and there's soooo much VGM to listen to, so I limit it to 3 (but nothing less!).

Also, I totally wasn't serious about the Facebook thing. I don't even have a Facebook account.

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