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Well, I use the words "the best" to convey a different emotional impact than having it simply referred to as "highly recommended" or "excellent". I go to forums looking for these big statements, so I might as well adopt that into my rating scheme. "This is a top 10 album of all time." "This is my top 20 albums I own." Harsh grading. Great to me is very impressive, while the best to me is a quality I see as highly difficult to overcome by the artist or others in the same music genre. As you can see from my ratings I keep the 5-star album ratings low.

Originally Posted by Namorbia View Post
I think 1-5 rating is maybe okay for albums, but not for individual tracks. But I would still like a 1-10 rating system for albums too, but of course it doesn't give a good picture like a review would.
Are you able to identify past ratings of tracks on this 1-10 system if you played a bunch of songs on random?
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