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Originally Posted by RBMNintendoGamer View Post
It's also worth noting that Nintendo recently uploaded videos to YouTube featuring Hyrule Field Theme and Midna's Lament with commentary from the composers. There are a couple of quotes that seem interesting:

We are still far from a complete breakdown but I guess this and the CD credits can give a few pointers on everything. Ohta's role in the soundtrack was apparently small.
Great find! Transcribed all the comments and added them to my earlier post.

Originally Posted by ChunkyLover130 View Post
That Asuka Ota quote... you think she was talking about the scene as you arrive at Gerudo Desert?
Probably not as it's the same as the Palace of Twilight BGM and all dungeon music is confirmed to be done by Minegishi. Tried to narrow it down a bit in my post above.

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