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Default SVWC-7516~7: Naruto Shippuden Naltimate Accel Best Sound

First, thanks for whoever translated this tracklist, but gotta point some errors / questions:

01: The Big Chill | Wouldn't "Time of Reunion" or something to that kind be more accurate?

04: Wind Shadow Attack | "Kazekage Attacks" could be more accurate, Kage's are the leaders of the 5 most powerful ninja villages in naruto-verse and Kazekage is the leader of Sunagakure, which is in Land of Wind (Yay, useless naruto-trivia)

08: Gai Group vs Oni-Same | "Team Guy vs Kisame" would me my pick. In anime + manga, groups are called usually teams, and Kisame is the characters name what Team Guy fights. (Another trivia, the leader of the team is called Might Guy, or Maito Gai, but seems that Kishimoto did romanize / translate it as Might Guy. And it's probably the official translation in the anime + manga also.

10: I Am the Weasel | This gave me laughs, correct one is "Itachi Uchiha"

12: The Funnest Puppeteer | Funnest? Shouldn't it be more like "The Most Evil Puppeteer"

13: Cherry Blossoms Dancing | "Sakura Dancing", Sakura is one of the main chars in the series.

18: Ninja Arts - Super Beasts Imitation Picture | Don't know if this is better as "Super Ninja Arts - Beast Illusion" which seemed to be some fantranslation in the series or just as "Choujuu Giga"

19: Blue Back | Don't remember why, but I had this as "Green Back"

21: The Fourth Awakening | I would put this as "The Fourth Awakens", which would imply to the Fourth Hokage awakening, no idea though if it happens in the game, and I'm not far enough in the manga to confirm.

25: I Am Sasuke | "Sasuke Uchiha", same thing as track 10, characters. :P

That's all, except track "28: Ayaki Village", not sure if it's Ayaki, but couldn't get any good matches with the kanji or looking at gamefaqs for locations. Only villages the FAQ speak if is Sand and Hidden Leaf.
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