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Default Ichiro Nitta (#9692)

I changed the display name of this artist.
The most common romanization of 新田一郎 is Ichiro Nitta by far, written on all his solo albums with Horn Spectrum:

1st solo album: Cool Ga Atsui

2nd album: After Image

3rd album: Kotobuki

4th album: Fukusuke

5th album: Simulation

6th album: Saga

We found this romanization too on these albums:

Comics Original Album Area 88 (CD Version):

Purple Eyes In The Dark Original Album:

Bari Bari Legend PART II Suzuka-hen Original Soundtrack Ongakuhen:

I only saw Ichirou Nitta (which is therefore a variation) on this album:
Original Animation Video Area 88 ACT:III Moeru Shinkirou Music Collection:

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