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Great episode!

I must congratulate the mixers for making this sound far better than previous episodes. The background music is nicely done! The best part was the Ketsui review where the individually reviewed tracks are played in the background as Carl and Akumu discuss them. Perfect. Same goes for the MintJam albums.

Of course, Audi and Carl still sound good too. I kinda liked the left/right concept in the previous episode, but I now realize it's unnecessary. It's easy to differentiate the two voices, and with them positioned close to the center, the music can pan out to the left and right more freely.

I just hope that the show now falls into the semi-monthly format that was originally promised. I know there was a pretty big gap between the first three episodes. Also, I know this is reaching... but I'm eager to get more into game rip soundtracks and the like.
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