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The show's indeed improving, way to go!

I've enjoyed listening to this episode. The in-depth Ketsui review was a great presentation of the album, which I agree is a remarkable one. And the informative MintJam overview was quite welcome, me being only vaguely familiar with them. Can't say I fell in love with the vocal track with TERRA, even though his voice is alright; it's not really my type of music. However, "Kung Fu Kid" was delightful!

By the way, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is actually a full-fledged Xbox 360 game (and not an XBLA release). From what I've heard from it so far, it seems like a nice soundtrack, revisiting some old themes from the series and introducing new compositions in various genres, yet mainly orchestral and rock.

I'm looking forward to the incoming interviews and what will be in store for the next podcast. Thanks!
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