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Default Secondary catalog numbers?

A lot of Konami's albums have internal catalog numbers. For example, one of their very first albums, Detana Twinbee!!, was distributed by King Records with the catalog number KICA-7503. However, on the back and the disc is the catalog number LC-031. When they distribute albums themselves through Konamistyle and the like, then they use their own LC- catalog numbers as the primary.

I've also noticed TGCS numbers on quite a few seemingly unrelated albums. GuitarFreaks/DrumMania V5 (Konami/KME) has TGCS-5295~6, Okami (Capcom/Suleputer) has TGCS-3340~4, Xenosaga (Square/DigiCube) has TGCS-1349~50, etc. Here's an obscure original vocal album: Natsu Uta ~Natsu no Aru Hi no Uta Nikki~. Same deal: TGCS-4337 as an alternate catalog number. This page indicates on a few of the albums it lists that the TGCS numbers are JASRAC identifiers of some kind. (I tried looking into this further, but didn't get very far. Language barriered. )

A lot of Scitron's albums also use a numbering scheme based on separate series they're grouped in on the proofs of purchase on the obis. Their twentieth drama album, Yukyu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album Drama CD Vol. 2, has "D-20" on the obi. Their twentieth album in the Fantastic Character Series, Princess Quest, has "F-20" on the obi. Their arranged albums use A-, and their soundtracks have either just a number or, starting with Darius Gaiden, an identifier starting with O-. It's pretty arguable whether you'd consider these catalog numbers, since they only appear to my knowledge on the proof of purchase as a shorthand for the album, but I think they're pretty useful identifiers to catalog in some fashion.

So, how about some way to add secondary catalog numbers to entries? Maybe not so much for the last thing, but definitely for the first two. Putting them in parentheses in the catalog number field is ugly. Putting them in the notes is adequate, but I feel like something more dedicated would be better for hooking into catalog number searches, if someone ends up looking up the alternate number for whatever reason.
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