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Default Episode #011: Vinyl Extravaganza 1

Vinyl records are back in favor and "retro cool" again, so I'm sharing some of my own VGM vinyls on this month's podcast. Some are exclusive to the turntable format and didn't get CD or cassette releases, while albums from the G.M.O. label got the full treatment on all 3 formats.

This is part 1 of a 3 episode series, showcasing the very earliest game sound appearances up until 1986, when game music as a genre started to really take off, with new vinyls appearing every month (and sometimes just days apart!)

I picked some of these up from Yahoo Japan Auctions a few years ago, and as with any collecting hobby, there's always a few more early & obscure ones floating around that have yet to be captured.

Full track listing is in the comments section below.

youtube link:

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