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Rather than worry about my opinions on the matter, which I haven't really thought through enough to make a judgment on, I think a better thing to think about is the Rules for the competition. The rules list was the closest thing that the competitors and voters had to a contract in the competition, and it never said anything about votes being released - and while I'm not sure that releasing the IPs is a violation of anything in the "contract," it certainly would be unexpected to the people who had previously agreed to it to have their anticipated-to-be-anonymous votes revealed to everyone. It's a similar concept to people being uncomfortable with their Google searches being revealed to everyone, even with nothing to hide.

I know that this must make me, again, sound like I'm trying to hide cheating or something - especially with the drama that ensued in WarpToken's thread - but aside from the part of it being left out of the "contract," I don't see anything that releasing the IPs could do in the community aside from cause drama. I don't think the community could do any IP checking better than the team or software at picking out duplicate votes, and I think that the revealed IPs would only serve in the community as a way to point fingers at each other and divide the community.

However, feel free to listen to others' thoughts as well, since I may seem biased by the fact that I have the most votes out of any of the competitors.