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I think the real winner will win either way. I don't think that the community's contribution would weed out close to a quarter of what the Remixsite team and software will anyway. While the IPs apparently won't reveal any personal information, it's still the same ethical problem as Google releasing all search data. Like I said, it would've been more fair to have put it in the rules beforehand, since maybe some people wouldn't want to have their votes seen - even if they technically did nothing wrong (for instance, if a Shizzy didn't like Prince of Darkness or my own song). It's the same concept of people being against the Patriot Act, even if they have nothing to hide.

Like I said, I think that the real winner will win anyway, whoever it is, but I think that releasing information about the voters is unexpected from them and a little unfair to do without them having prior notice: the same reason companies always ask if they can get system specs from your computer, even if anonymous - it's still fair to give the option beforehand.

And about drama being avoided or not - I think that the votes can only serve to be a catalyst for it, and won't really do much else.