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Go me not noticing it was already there. A good thing I posted about it beforehand, haha.
Actually, tracks 5, 23 and bonus track have some French in them. Guess I'll add a French tracklist and do the few translation that is needed in there later.

I had forgot to talk about that 31st track, but since it's been added, the problem's half solved.
Track 31 doesn't exist as such on the CD. It starts after about 10 minutes on silence on the end of track 30 (kind like a hidden track, although this one has been listed in the tracklist).
I'll add something about it on the notes, but I was wondering what is usually done in such cases with hidden tracks that are listed on the tracklist nonetheless. Would it be better to:
-Post the tracklist as it is on the CD, thus displaying a track with a tracklength that includes both the silence and hidden track in it, then add information about the hidden track in the notes?
-Post the tracklist as it is on the CD case printed tracklist, ignoring the time of silence in between both tracks, and display a separate tracklength for each of them?

Anyways, I'll make sure to add some more infos on that page, and use the related discussion thread for further questions.
Half the tracks have a composer breakdown listed on the back cover, and I managed to get most credits for the other ones through personal research, although I don't have the sources for those anymore (I have all proper credits on the tags of my CD rip music files, as well as in a .doc, but that's about it).

And thanks for the reply!
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